Thursday, February 19, 2015

Davin Auble Named Director of New Teacher Center in Boston

2015-01-18 21.59.49.jpg
Davin Auble joined New Teacher Center (NTC) as Director of Program Engagement in January. Prior to joining NTC, she served as Director of Turnaround Coaching with the Academy for Urban School Leadership, the lead turnaround partner for Chicago Public Schools and operator of the Chicago Teacher Residency. Davin also led Mass Insight Education's district-level engagements in Cleveland, Ohio, and Syracuse, New York.

Davin is thrilled to join New Teacher Center, an organization she's admired since first experiencing their outstanding professional development as an induction coach in 2006.

"For years, NTC has set the gold standard for integrity, clarity of mission, and quality of program delivery. I'm honored to helm our work in and around Boston during this time of dynamic change, with new executive leadership at the state, city, and soon-to-be district levels all setting a high bar for excellence in teaching and learning for all children. As the next generation of brilliant, diverse teachers comes into Boston's classrooms, I'd like to see NTC help to accelerate their effectiveness (and their professional joy!) in equally diverse and meaningful ways," said Davin.

Natasha MacDonald, NTC Boston's outgoing Executive Director, is now the Director of Grant Finance for NTC's national office.